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    This app generates
    different kinds of sounds to help
    to relief your tinnitus problem,
    or to mask background sound distractions.

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    This application can be used to relief tinnitus and migraine problems,
    mask background sounds, and can help to increase focus and calm noisy environments.

    How it works

    This Android app provides different kinds of user selectable background sounds.
    The combination of sound and volumne can provide the expected relief.
    The right combination depends on each person.

    Types of background sounds:

       White noise, in this app, contains evenly distributed energy sounds in all audible frequencies.
    It can be used in activities that require dismiss distractions, such as reading, studying or writing.
    It may also act as a tinnitus masker.

       Gray noise is designed to provide almost equal loudness.
    It has more energy at low and at high frequencies, to compensate the natural psychoacoustic volumes.
    This sound can be used to calm and relax.

       Brown noise contains more energy at low frequencies.
    As it may sound as rain, it can be used to help sleeping.

       Violet noise contains more energy at high frequencies.
    It can be used to mask tinnitus, which is a whistling or ringing sound that happens without any stimulus.

       Pink noise contains the same energy in every octave, decreasing with frequency.
    It can be used to mask an increased sensitivity to normal environmental sounds (hyperacusis), or tinnitus.

       Blue noise allocates more energy at high frequencies.
    It can be used to mask tinnitus.

    How to use

    Swipe the color to select the proper one.
    Adjust volume as you see fit.
    Use left button to toggle pay/pause.
    The right button stops the sound.
    The application keeps running even if screen is off.

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